Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vegetable Cart Design

Vegetable delivery today is such a mundane and tedious task. Our project is aimed at creating a social impact and we have chosen “vegetable delivery using carts” as our scenario.Vendors face hordes of problems ranging from pushing the cart to keeping the vegetables fresh. Our endeavor is to take into consideration all these problems and solve most of these, if not all. In effect, we wish the vendors to have an enjoyable experience.

“Extreme” is a term often applied to product forms that stand outside the ones usually associated with other products of the same or of similar types. A designer may use form deliberately in order to make an ‘extreme’ statement- as with Starck’s juicer- but sometimes, however, a product that says on the market unchanged while the style of the rest of the product on the market moves on an extreme almost default.

Redesigning of vegetable cart is done by following the systematic way. First user study was done from users by directly approaching them in their working environment and absorbing their usage of existing vegetable carts, snaps were taken and problem they are facing in using carts are absorbed. Next to that direct interaction with user is done and more questions were asked to them and problem in existing usage of cart is listed. Problems which we got through customers are changed in to technical voice. By using QFD chart we gave priority to the features that has to be incorporated and using that product specification chart is prepared, in this chart specification of the features are made and keeping those specification in mind concept generation is made and final concept is selected using PUGH’s method. Detailing of final concept is done using software and final mock-up was done by fabrication process.

This project has been carried out in M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies as a student group project.

Co-ordinator: Asst. Prof. Manas Mishra
Students: Chiranjeevi D.V, Murali K, Akhil R.C, Prareesh M.C, Pradeep Kumar N, Kiran M, Yathish Kumar

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