Monday, July 13, 2009

A Thousand-star hotel in Bavaria, Germany.

I have been 5 star hotels, seen 7 stars even, but a thousand star hotel ???; that’s exactly what Monika Fritz and Otto Funck’s “Ein Bett im Kornfeld” i.e., “A Bed in a Cornfield” in Bavaria, Germany Hotel is hailed as.

“A Bed in a cornfield "and" The Maze in the cornfield " as you would have guessed by now, is a one of its kind open air hotel in Germany. Sleeping on straw with the starry sky as the roof feels like a truly magical experience to me (of course not for someone who has hay fever …[ ;) ]….). This thousand star hotel or should I call it a zillion star hotel has a series of tents as rooms (7 Euros per night for adults and 3 Euros for kids) set in a corn field with a circus tent as a reception; quite an excuse for a nice summer escape from the city, don’t you think and romantic too. It also sports a clay spa, potato massage centre, a maze for kids, a dining area and a praying area (ah that I need .…praying - please no random summer showers pleaseeeee …..ehhehee….). Anyways, in addition to this they have evening film festivals and barbecue days on the offering too. Great Service Design !!! I guess India has potential for these kinds of services along with an additional offering of milking a cow in the morning as well !!! … lol … .whatcha think?

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