Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Design of e-Doot : Electric Cycle for Postman in India

The design intent for this project was:

· To provide alternate transportation for postal delivery service by postman in India

· To replace manual effort by electricity

· To design and fabricate a postman’s electric bicycle considering requirements of postman/packages in terms of usability and ergonomics

After conducting ethnography research, various requirements and needs were identified and prioritized to arrive at concepts.
Eventually design methodology followed lead to some very useful and innovative design solution.
These were incorporated in design and the prototype was fabricated. To get feedback from postman,a test was conducted at Mathikere, Bangalore as a part of project.

Team :

Arjun. J, Anoop Laxman, Bala Chandar. C, N. V. Chandrasekhar. Y, Praveen. P Somangouda. S.P, Srinivasa Rao. B, Vishnu Shankar. J, G.R.R.Varma
Design Mentor :

Prakash Unakal,Industrial Designer,Prof, Dept of Design @ MSRSAS
Project done at : M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies,Bangalore

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