Sunday, January 2, 2011

DREAM:IN Project Initiative

The DREAM:IN project is the creation of a set of design thinkers across borders. It is designed to challenge us to create not for people’s needs, but for their dreams. Its time to get greed and need out of the way and create common dreams. In India, is it the time to unlock dreams, the dream of every common man, woman and child.....

These dreams can then free us up and give us a bigger, grander canvas for new creation; for creating scenarios for a great equal future for our citizens and our country.

To realize these scenarios, we would need to create networks, networks where we build on each other’s ideas and create win – win situations.Design thinking then will be our weapon to take ideas from mind to market, mind to reality with skill, speed and imagination.

Dream big for India, for its people, for ourselves. And create the environment, the networks, the detail, to realize them.

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