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Dream : IN driven by Sonia Manchanda - Director (Idiom) is about
Dreams of every Indian will now become the only source of inspiration. For conceiving tomorrow’s big ideas for India, for sustaining development in the world’s most vibrant democracy.

India is ready. For growth. For personal growth as well as business growth. For transformation of yesterdays local enterprise into tomorrow’s big business. For opportunities like never before. There will be more people in cities higher incomes, more consumption, more ideas, more innovation.

India’s growth story will be created from the ambitions of its leaders, its CEOs, its visionaries. Ambitions that started from dreams. And dreams while being complex are strangely very simple and yet very big. Now is the time to dream.

The DREAM:IN project is the creation of a set of design thinkers across borders. It is designed to challenge us to create not for people’s needs, but for their dreams. Its time to get greed and need out of the way and create common dreams. In India, is it the time to unlock dreams, the dream of every common man, woman and child.

These dreams can then free us up and give us a bigger, grander canvas for new creation; for creating scenarios for a great equal future for our citizens and our country.

To realize these scenarios, we would need to create networks, networks where we build on each other’s ideas and create win – win situations.

Design thinking then will be our weapon to take ideas from mind to market, mind to reality with skill, speed and imagination.

Dream big for India, for its people, for ourselves. And create the environment, the networks, the detail, to realize them.

The DREAM:IN center will be an interactive theater, a reflection space where deep insights can come alive, a DREAM:IN studio, a hands – on creation space where future scenarios can be developed. A presentation place – where scenarios can be presented and collaboration possibilities can be discussed.

The prototype DREAM:IN center will be set up in the heart of Bangalore. This building will have a state of the art Design Thinking Studio. Subject matter specialists, sociologists, design thinkers and visionaries will use this space to come together to interpret dreams and develop future scenarios (ideas) for business and social change.

The DREAM:IN center will have a state of the art studio and audio-visual facility that will enable dreamers to view, edit, upload and access dreams (both in our internal database as well as externally). The DREAM:IN center will be equipped to capture the dreams of anyone that is willing to dream.

The talented team at Idiom will lend their expertise and provide hands on support to make ideas come alive in the various dream projects that will be underway.

The network that you see is actually much bigger and larger than you can imagine. With bodies like SPREAD, Idiom, Design Knowledge Network and NODES among others plugging into DREAM:IN, the number of people and organizations that this network will reach will be resources that will help you realize you’re dreams much faster and more efficiently than one could have ever thought possible.

Everyone has the right to dream and in India, there can be no better time than now, to begin to absorb and understand and to design ideas in the workshop of dreams. The DREAM:IN method and the DREAM:IN network will be accessible to everyone. And at DREAM:IN centers, dreams of various constituents will be unlocked

After the DREAM:IN conclave

The DREAM:IN projects will be spread across the country and will be closely monitored, reviewed by the Dreamproducers and Dreamcatalysts. The headquarters will be the DREAM:IN center in Bangalore.

A DREAM:IN report based on the DREAM:IN conclave will be prepared, published and widely distributed. This report will contain all the master data, including bio-sketches of all the participants, profiles of all the Dreamvestors, Dreamleaders, partners and organizations supporting DREAM:IN and information on the various projects that have been set up along with dreams and ideas that have the potential to become DREAM:IN projects themselves.

Dreams will be shared through the DREAM:IN portal. This portal will enable people across the country to view, access and upload their individual dreams. It will be simple and easy to use and the general public will be encouraged to use this DREAM:IN portal. The dreams captured will be fed directly in to the DREAM:IN database which will be accessible by Dreamvestors, Dreamleaders, partners, participants and the DREAM:IN society.

The prototype DREAM:IN center in Bangalore will be open to the various DREAM:IN teams that have taken up DREAM:IN projects. SPREAD and the DREAM:IN society will also help set up other permanent DREAM:IN centers within organisations, temporary centers for projects and even internationally, starting from Sri Lanka where a conversation has already begun.

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