Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I saw on - Dr.Darlie Koshy as part of new board team....congrats to Dr.Koshy !!
It indeed is appropriate that an Indian is part of ICSID board.
Hope that would make India some force to reckon with in field of Design and bring rejuvenation.
This I sees as perhaps opportunity for all of us to showcase India as place not only for cheapest man-power in number game but also force to reckon with in coming times in creative areas like Design and Art.India before was invaded was hub for great thinkers - right from our Vedas,Ayurveda,Upanishads etc are rich source of wisdom which is still source of lot of current thought leaders even in developed countries.

Tuesday, November 06


The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design has announced the results of their recent election. As Peter Zec stands down, Professor Carlos Hinrichsen of Chile steps up as new top dog. The new Executive Board is as follows:

- President Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen (Chile)
- President-Elect Dr. Mark Breitenberg (USA)
- Treasurer Brandon Gien (Australia)
- Wen-long Chen (Taiwan)
- Leimei Julia Chiu (Japan)
- Martin Darbyshire (United Kingdom)
- Prof. Lorraine Justice (China)
- Dr. Darlie Koshy (India)
- Jae-jin Shim (Korea)
- Kazuo Tanaka (Japan)
- Judit VÃ rhelyi (Hungary).

Hinrichsen inherits an organization that turns 50 this year. "We will continue to make our network stronger, make Icsid regional meetings more vibrant and Icsid Interdesigns better known and understood by world leaders and funding agencies," said Hinrichsen.

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